Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Last week I was listening intently to the words of a song by Mandisa. The song was “Overcomer”. Part of the song goes like this:


“Everybody’s been down

Hit the bottom, hit the ground

Ooh, You’re not alone

Just take a breath, don’t forget

Hang on to his promises

He wants you to know You’re an overcomer

Stay in the fight ’til the final round

You’re not going under

‘Cause God is holding you right now

You might be down for a moment

Feeling like it’s hopeless

That’s when he reminds you

That you’re an overcomer”


I know, and have known, so many people that these words are so true about. Recently a very dear friend has been battling cancer. She has been thru chemo, breast and lung surgery, multiple radiation treatments and still has more surgery and physical therapy in the near future. She is a single Mom who has to work every day. Her strength and positive attitude continue to amaze me. She never gives up. She is an “Overcomer.”

Years ago I lost my dad to cancer. He went thru radiation and the cancer was gone for three months but then returned. Surgery was the next step. During the next of five months he went through seven major operations. Each time he would beat the odds and make it through the surgery. I had never thought of my dad as a really strong person. He had not handled sickness well in the past. I saw the dad I loved so much fight to live one more day for months. He was an inspiration a to me. He taught me to live every day like there is no tomorrow, to treat others the way I want to be treated, to never give up, stay in the fight, because only God knows the outcome. He was another “Overcomer.”

When you operate an Emergency Homeless Shelter you see people from all walks of life, and having to face not one, but many obstacles in life on a daily basis. Recently a single woman came to our shelter after being incarcerated. She had no place to go, no job, no family or friends to turn to. She felt like giving up. Who would hire her? Who would rent to her? Our staff just kept on encouraging her each day and continually told her there was a job out there for her and a place to live other than the shelter. She has since found full time employment, and will soon be moving into her own place. The joy and satisfaction you see in her face is beyond words. She is another “Overcomer.”

A couple of years ago our office helped house a lady who was into drugs and alcohol. I personally became her protective payee to help with her finances. She hit rock bottom and had to go through treatment. She has since come out on top. Several months ago she came to visit. She now lives in California, has a full time job, has a home of her own and is drug and alcohol free. She came back to see if I still worked here and to thank me for never giving up on her. She is another “Overcomer.”

I could go on and on. I meet so many people that inspire me every day. These a just a few. How many “Overcomers” do you know?

Cheryl Carter, Executive Director, Culpeper Housing and Shelter Services, 540-825-7434

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Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

Culpeper Shelter not only provides emergency shelter for those in need, but also with Rapid Re-Housing funds assist many families to obtain permanent housing. Over the past several months CCDC has rapidly re-housed six families. These families were in the emergency shelter for several weeks to several months. All six families are presently in permanent housing and doing well. CCDC provides ongoing case management to help these families succeed.

It has become evident that families and individuals that spend less time in the shelter and receive help to move into permanent housing tend to do better. They will work harder to remain stably housed. Meeting routinely with a case manager for budget and housing counseling becomes a way of life and not a chore.

Recently we had a mother of two come back to the shelter for an unexpected visit. She had not come this time for shelter. She came by (as she said) “to pay it forward.” CCDC had provided this family with shelter for several months while the mom found employment and a landlord who was willing to rent to her. We were able to help with her security deposit and first month’s rent so she could move into her own apartment. She has continued to stay in touch and works hard to maintain a home for her children.

She came to the shelter bearing gifts for other shelter families. She bought paper towels, toilet paper, two fruit baskets, a salad basket, and children’s toys. Her daughter fixed a basket with small toys and items for children. She stated she was so appreciative of all the help she had received and wanted to “pay it forward” to help others. This is a mother who lives on a tight budget but felt the importance of giving back.

As the Executive Director of CCDC and a case manager for over 16 years, times like this simply warm your heart. Helping the homeless and those in need in the Culpeper community is our job and a job we love to do. Touching lives in a special way is a true blessing.

If you would like to get more information about Culpeper Shelter and the various programs that we provide or find out how you could be of help please contact Cheryl Carter -Executive Director -825-7434.

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How Homelessness Affects Children

How Homelessness Affects Children

Millions of children experience homelessness every year. According to the National Mental Health Association, on any given night, 1.2 million children are homeless. These numbers are just astounding to me.

The experience of homelessness affects the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral development of children. On the average, manyhomeless children have attended two or more schools in a one-year period. Almost half of homeless children have anxiety, depression, or withdrawal. More than one in three homeless children manifest delinquent and aggressive behavior. Homeless children tend to have very low self-esteem. Often, they don’t have adequate food or nutrition, reliable transportation, necessary immunizations or immunization records, appropriate clothing, or school supplies. Many children who grow up homeless are likely to repeat the lifestyle with their own children.

Statistics show that every two minutes a child becomes homeless in America. No child should have to live in a shelter. They fear their friends will find out they are in a shelter and treat them differently. Some have a difficult time in school because of housing instability.

Culpeper Housing and Shelter Services (CHASS) operates a 15-bed homeless family shelter in Culpeper, VA. Not only do we provide emergency shelter, but we help the literally homeless individuals and families find and move into permanent stable housing thru our Rapid Re-housing Program. Our goal is to get them from shelter to housing in 30 days or less. This is not always possible, but it is our goal.

I would like to share part of a letter I received from a client recently. She is a single mother with four children. She came to CHASS homeless with nowhere to go. We were able to put her and her children into housing where they have since thrived. The children are honor students and have won many awards at school. The mom still struggles every month with bills as she can never be sure of her child support, yet she works two jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over her family’s head.

“As their mother I am over the moon but the key to our family and its success has been this home!! Being stable and safe are two of the most important gifts I can provide for my family. CHASS has changed our lives forever. I am thankful EVERYDAY for this home!! Without the support and amazing staff of CHASS I don’t know where we would be! Thank each and everyone of you! You change lives, you give hope and I will always be FOREVER Grateful. Thank you”

Another mother wrote:

“Stability is one the most important gifts you can give your child- everything begins at home. CHASS has afforded my family the stability to succeed. They provide more than housing – open hearts, listening ears, and a sense of hope. The people they assist and the positive changes they make in lives is a true blessing. This program was a life saver for me and my family. Culpeper is certainly a better place with the services CHASS provides.”

Cheryl S. Carter, Executive Director – CHASS CHASS is part of the Foothills Housing Network that provides shelter and housing services to those in need in Culpeper, Fauquier, Rappahannock, Orange, and Madison counties.

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